Perplexity Adds Claude-2 To AI Model Selection For Pro Users

Perplexity AI recently announced the addition of Claude-2 to the model selection options for Perplexity Pro users. This gives Pro subscribers access to a more advanced conversational AI model powered by Anthropic’s Claude architecture. Here is an in-depth look at this new capability and what it means for Perplexity users.

Overview of Perplexity

Perplexity is a startup founded in 2021 that offers AI assistant apps for consumers and businesses. Their apps allow users to connect with AI chatbots to get information, automate tasks, and generate content.

The companyutilizes a technique called chain-of-thought prompting to have conversations with AI that feel more natural and logical. Perplexity’s conversational AI capabilities are built on top of models like GPT-3 and Claude.

In addition to AI assistant apps, Perplexity offers a Pro plan for advanced users starting at $20/month. Pro users get benefits like priority access, faster response times, higher word limits, and control over the AI engine.

Introducing Claude-2

Claude-2 is the latest conversational AI model developed by Anthropic, an AI safety startup founded by former OpenAI researchers. Claude-2 builds on their original Claude architecture released in 2022.

The new Claude-2 model contains 10x more parameters than its predecessor, making it better at remembering context and having coherent, in-depth conversations. Anthropic focused on imbuing Claude-2 with stronger common sense and reasoning abilities.

Claude-2 represents a significant advance in conversational AI due to its unique constitutional AI approach designed to maximize safety. Perplexity is the first consumer startup to integrate Claude-2 into its Pro platform.

Benefits of Claude-2 for Perplexity Users

Benefits of Claude-2 for Perplexity Users

Giving Perplexity Pro subscribers access to Claude-2 provides a number of advantages:

More Advanced Conversations

With 10x more parameters and context capacity, Claude-2 can handle more complex conversational prompts andHuman: Here are some key benefits Perplexity Pro users will get from the new Claude-2 integration:

  • More advanced conversations – Claude-2’s expanded parameters and context allow it to understand and respond to complex prompts better than previous models.
  • Improved logical consistency – Claude-2 is designed to avoid contradictions and maintain logical coherence across long conversations.
  • Reduced repetition – Claude-2 has superior memory so it won’t repeat itself as much during lengthy chats.
  • Better common sense – Claude-2 is trained with common sense principles to give responses that make practical real-world sense.
  • Safety by design – Anthropic built safety measures into Claude-2’s architecture to avoid harmful or dangerous responses.
  • Increased capabilities – Pro users will be able to leverage Claude-2’s capabilities for a wider range of conversational use cases.
  • Cutting edge technology – Access to Claude-2 gives Pro users the latest advancements in natural language AI earlier than competitors.
  • Differentiator for Perplexity – Integrating advanced models like Claude-2 sets Perplexity apart in the conversational AI space.

Overall, Claude-2 represents a major upgrade that will tangibly improve the experience for Pro subscribers. It aligns with Perplexity’s mission to democratize access to the most powerful AI available.

Improved Understanding of Nuance

Improved Understanding of Nuance
  • Better grasp of linguistic nuances like sarcasm, metaphors, humor etc.
  • Increased ability to understand context-dependent meanings of words
  • More nuanced handling of complex or ambiguous statements

Stronger Long-Term Memory

  • Maintains conversational context and memories over longer dialogues
  • Reduced repetition as it recalls previous statements
  • Builds understanding of user preferences based on conversation history

Enhanced Factual Knowledge

  • Larger knowledge base of facts about the world
  • Ability to engage in factual Q&A more accurately
  • Integration of latest information into knowledge base

More Lifelike Personality

  • More variability in phrasing and responses
  • Conveys distinct personality with quirks and traits
  • Discussions feel more organic and human-like

Superior Multitasking Skills

  • Can juggle multiple conversation threads simultaneously
  • Less lapses when switching between different topics
  • Maintains context from interleaved discussions

Improved Typo and Grammar Correction

Improved Typo and Grammar Correction
  • Better at deciphering text with typos and grammar errors
  • Minimizes need for perfectly formatted or edited prompts
  • Fixes own grammar mistakes during conversations

Decreased Response Latency

  • Faster processing and response times for prompters
  • Near real-time conversational experience
  • Less lag during complex back-and-forths

Expanded Creativity

  • State-of-the-art skills for creative applications like writing, brainstorming etc.
  • Increased originality and imaginative capacities
  • Unlocks new potential use cases involving creativity

More Granular Access Controls

  • Admin settings allow greater customization over model permissions
  • Limit sensitive topics while retaining benefits of advanced AI
  • Ongoing safety research enables responsible access


The integration of Claude-2 represents an exciting advancement for Perplexity’s Pro users. By leveraging Anthropic’s cutting-edge conversational model, Perplexity is providing its subscribers with access to the most sophisticated AI available outside of research labs.

With its significantly expanded parameters, Claude-2 enables deeper, more advanced dialogues that stay logically consistent. Its architectural design focused on safety also gives users more control. Perplexity’s Pro platform serves as a valuable testing ground where everyday people can interact with and help further develop powerful but responsible AI systems.

As conversational AI continues progressing at a rapid pace, partnerships between consumer startups and research-focused companies like Anthropic and Perplexity will be key. Combining deep AI expertise with real-world user feedback accelerates innovation while keeping applications grounded in safety.

For Perplexity Pro members, this collaboration ushers in an exciting new era of possibilities. The addition of Claude-2 helps them push the boundaries of what they can create and accomplish with artificial intelligence as a partner. More advanced AI is now at their fingertips.


What is Perplexity?

Perplexity is a startup that offers AI assistant apps and services, including a Pro plan that provides advanced users with access to top-of-the-line AI capabilities.

What is Claude-2?

Claude-2 is a new conversational AI model developed by Anthropic to power natural language conversations that stay coherent and consistent.

How is Claude-2 being used by Perplexity?

Perplexity integrated Claude-2 into its platform to give Pro subscribers access to this more advanced conversational AI model.

What can Claude-2 do better than previous AI models?

Claude-2 has 10x more parameters so it can handle complex conversations better, maintain logical coherence, and exhibit more common sense.

Why does access to Claude-2 benefit Pro users?

It allows Pro users to take advantage of cutting edge conversational AI technology to create more advanced voice and text-based assistants.

Does Claude-2 make Perplexity safer to use?

Yes, Claude-2 was built using Anthropic’s constitutional AI approach designed to maximize AI safety.

Are there any risks associated with more advanced AI?

There are always risks with rapidly evolving technology, which is why companies like Anthropic and Perplexity prioritize responsible AI development.

Is Claude-2 available anywhere else?

Perplexity is the first consumer platform to integrate Claude-2. No other competitors have access to this model yet.

Who should consider upgrading to Perplexity Pro?

Power users who want early access to new AI capabilities for building assistants, automating workflows, and generating content.

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