In Which Countries Is Claude Available? [2023]

In Which Countries Is Claude Available? Claude is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. Since its launch in 2022, Claude has quickly become one of the most popular AI assistants available.

But in which countries can you currently use Claude? This article will provide a comprehensive overview of all the countries where Claude is available.

Countries Where Claude is Currently Available

United States

The United States was one of the first countries where Claude was launched. Anthropic is based in San Francisco, so it made sense for them to focus on the US market initially.

Claude is available to download as an app or use through the website in all 50 states. It has gained widespread popularity for its conversational abilities and useful features.


Soon after the US launch, Claude became available in Canada. It can be used across all Canadian provinces and territories.

The Canadian launch helped Claude gain more real-world conversational data to improve its capabilities. Many Canadians have embraced Claude for its polite, friendly nature.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom was another early launch country for Claude in 2022. It is available to users throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Claude’s British English language model allows it to understand common UK phrases and terminology. The UK release helped Claude expand its knowledge beyond North America.


Australia was one of the first countries in the Asia-Pacific region to gain access to Claude. It is fully available to users across all Australian states and mainland territories.

Some key benefits of Claude for Australians include schedule management features tuned to Aussie time zones.

New Zealand

Claude became available in New Zealand around the same time as the Australian launch. Users throughout the North and South islands can utilize Claude.

The New Zealand launch provided more diversity of English dialects and accents for Claude to learn from.


Ireland was also among the initial group of English-speaking countries where Claude launched. It is accessible everywhere on the island of Ireland, both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Irish users have praised Claude’s friendly demeanor and ability to understand local slang and expressions.


Singapore was the first Asian country to gain access to Claude. The launch provided a foothold in the broader ASEAN market.

Singapore’s status as a global financial hub made it a strategic launch choice. Claude supports English, Mandarin Chinese, and Malay in Singapore.


India represents a huge market for any AI assistant with its 1.4 billion population. Claude launched in India in late 2022, supporting English and Hindi languages.

These represent two of the most widely spoken languages in India. Early results show strong enthusiasm for Claude among Indian consumers.

South Africa

South Africa was Claude’s first launch in the African continent. The country has one of the biggest economies in Africa.

Claude supports English, Afrikaans, Zulu, and Xhosa languages in South Africa. The launch provided more linguistic diversity to improve Claude’s abilities.

European Union

In 2023, Claude expects to launch in additional European Union countries beyond the UK and Ireland. EU privacy laws and regulations have created some obstacles to rapid rollout.

But Anthropic is working to make Claude compliant for broader EU availability. Initial target markets include Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Nordics.

Countries Expected to Gain Access in 2023


Japan represents a major potential market for Claude in Asia. Anthropic plans to launch Claude there in 2023 with Japanese language support.

Japan place high value on quality AI technology and robotics. Claude’s polite, calm nature should appeal to Japanese consumers.

South Korea

South Korea has rapidly adopted AI technology in recent years. Anthropic plans to capitalize on this by launching Claude in Korea in 2023.

It will support Korean language conversations. South Korea offers a tech-savvy population to further improve Claude’s capabilities.


The Philippines offers a good initial foothold in Southeast Asia thanks to high English proficiency.

Claude plans to launch there in 2023 with English language support, and potentially add other Philippine languages over time. Fast growth of digital services makes the Philippines a promising market.


As the largest country in South America, Brazil is a critical market for Claude’s expansion plans.

Launch is slated for 2023 with Brazilian Portuguese support. Brazil has a large, young population that is eager to embrace the latest technology like AI assistants.


Mexico is Claude’s gateway to the Latin American market. Launch plans are set for 2023 with Spanish language support.

Mexico has a huge population and burgeoning tech sector that can help Claude improve its conversational abilities.


Poland will be one of Claude’s first targets as it expands across Central Europe. The launch is planned for 2023 with Polish language support.

Poland offers a sizeable population and fast-growing digital economy. Expanding to Poland provides a foothold in the EU.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is one of the top priorities for Claude’s expansion in the Middle East region. Launch plans are in place for 2023 with Arabic language support.

The UAE offers a technologically advanced country for Claude to gain a foothold in the Middle East and Gulf markets.

Ongoing Expansion Plans


China represents Claude’s biggest potential market based on its 1.4 billion population. But launching there requires clearing regulatory hurdles around AI technology.

Anthropic is working to comply with all Chinese laws and guidelines to eventually make Claude available.


Russia offers major long-term potential for Claude given its vast geographic size and nearly 150 million population.

But current political tensions have stalled market entry plans. Anthropic hopes to eventually launch Claude in Russia when relations improve.


As the 4th most populous country, Indonesia is a major priority for Claude. Launch plans involve supporting Bahasa Indonesian.

Navigating Indonesia’s complex mix of cultures across many islands poses challenges to expansion. But the market potential is enormous.

Remaining Asia-Pacific Markets

Anthropic aims to eventually launch Claude in other Asia-Pacific countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Taiwan.

Each market brings unique complexities in terms of languages, cultures and regulations. But collectively they represent strong opportunities.

Africa and Middle East

Beyond South Africa, Claude plans future expansion across Africa and the Middle East. Target markets include Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and UAE neighbors like Qatar. These offer more linguistic diversity and early adopters of AI technology.

Remaining European Markets

Once initial EU launches are complete, Claude plans to make its way into other major European markets like Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Austria.

Regulatory and language support are key considerations for expanding Claude’s European footprint.


Claude is currently available in a relatively small but strategic set of English-speaking countries spanned across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. In 2023, we can expect Claude to rapidly expand to other high-potential markets like Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico and the EU.

Longer-term, the goal is for Claude to have a truly global presence across all major regions. But this will take time due to regulatory barriers, language support, and cultural nuances. Overall, Anthropic is taking a disciplined, phased approach to make Claude available worldwide and create the most universally helpful AI assistant.


Q: Is Claude available in the United States?

A: Yes, Claude is available across all 50 states in the US. It launched first in the US in 2022.

Q: Can I use Claude in Canada?

A: Yes, Claude is fully available in all Canadian provinces and territories. It launched in Canada shortly after the US.

Q: Is Claude currently available in any Asian countries?

A: Claude is currently available in Singapore and India. It plans to launch in Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines in 2023.

Q: What countries will Claude expand to in Europe?

A: Claude plans to launch in additional EU countries beyond the UK and Ireland in 2023. Initial targets are Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Nordics.

Q: Does Claude support languages other than English?

A: Yes, Claude currently supports Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, and Malay in certain countries. It plans to add support for Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and other languages.

Q: Can I use Claude in the Middle East?

A: Currently Claude is only available in South Africa on the African continent. It plans to launch in the UAE and other Middle East countries in 2023.

Q: Is Claude available in South America right now?

A: Not yet, but Brazil and Mexico are priority launch countries in 2023 for Anthropic to expand into Latin America.

Q: What is the timeline for Claude to launch in China?

A: Anthropic aims to eventually launch Claude in China but must clear regulatory hurdles first. No definitive timeline yet.

Q: How often does Claude expand to new countries?

A: So far Claude has launched in a new country every few months. We can expect this pace to accelerate in 2023 as Anthropic focuses on global expansion.

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