How to Use Claude Without Phone Number? [2023]

How to Use Claude Without Phone Number? Claude is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest.

cIt can have natural conversations and provide useful information to users without needing a phone number to operate. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use Claude without a phone number.

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Signing Up for Claude

To start using Claude, you need to first sign up for an account. This can be done easily without a phone number through these steps:

1. Go to the Claude Website

Go to the official Claude website – Click on “Log In” on the top right corner. This will open the sign up page.

2. Click on Sign Up

On the login page, click on the “Sign Up” button below the login form. This will open the sign up form.

3. Enter your Email Address

The sign up form will ask for your email address. Enter a valid email address you have access to. This will be your username for Claude.

4. Choose a Strong Password

Next, choose a strong password for your Claude account. Make sure it is at least 8 characters long and uses upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols. This will ensure your account stays secure.

5. Accept the Terms of Service

Read through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully. Click on the checkboxes to accept them. This will allow Claude to provide services to you legally.

6. Pass the Captcha Test

You will need to pass a simple captcha test by clicking on images or selecting the right options. This verifies you are not a bot.

7. Submit the Form

Once all the information is entered correctly, click on submit. This will send a verification email to your registered email address.

Verifying your Email Address

After signing up, you need to verify your email address to activate the account.

1. Open the Email from Claude

Go to your email inbox. Open the email received from the Claude team to verify your email address.

2. Click on the Verification Link

The email will contain a link to verify your email address. Click on this verification link which will redirect you to the Claude website.

3. Enter your Password

On the Claude website, enter the password you set during sign up. This will verify your account ownership.

4. Click Verify Button

Once you enter the password, click on the “Verify” button. This will complete the verification process.

5. Access your Claude Account

You can now access your Claude account with the registered email and password without needing a phone number.

Setting Up Your Claude Profile

Once your account is verified, you can set up your Claude profile to get personalized experiences. Here are the steps:

1. Access your Account

Log in to your Claude account using your email and password.

2. Go to Profile Settings

On the top right, click on your profile picture or initials visible. In the drop-down menu, click on “Settings”.

3. Enter your First Name

In the Personal Info section, enter your first name. This will help Claude address you properly in conversations.

4. Add your Country

Select your country from the drop-down list. This will localize Claude’s information for your location.

5. Choose Interface Language

Select your preferred language for interacting with Claude from the options.

6. Save your Profile

Once done, click on “Save” at the bottom to save your profile information.

Starting Conversations with Claude

You can now have natural conversations with Claude without a phone number in a few ways:

1. Homepage Chatbox

On the Claude homepage, use the chatbox at the bottom to start chats.

2. Dashboard Chat

Once logged in, your Claude dashboard has a chatbox to start conversations.

3. Mobile App

Download the Claude mobile app on your smartphone to chat on-the-go without a number.

4. Web Browser Extension

Install the Claude browser extension to seamlessly chat from any webpage.

Key Features to Use

Explore these amazing features in Claude without needing a phone number:

Multi-Turn Conversations

Hold multi-turn conversations with context and memory instead of isolated Q&A.

Knowledge About The World

Get access to Claude’s vast knowledge on thousands of topics and real-world concepts.

Intelligent Sense Making

Claude can intelligently understand complex questions and make sense of nuances.

Smart Composition

It can compose long-form emails, articles, stories, and more based on prompts.

Code Explanations

Get simple explanations about any complex code snippets and examples.

Creativity and Humor

Claude exhibits creativity, humor, empathy, and personality in interactions.


Claude is designed to avoid harmful, dangerous, or unethical responses.

Helpful Use Cases

Here are some helpful use cases of Claude without needing a phone number:

Research Assistance

Ask in-depth questions on any topic for research papers, presentations, and projects.

Content Creation

Get AI-generated drafts for emails, essays, articles, stories, poetry, code, and more.

Chat Companion

Have daily chats about life, relationships, entertainment, and get perspectives.

Learning Helper

Get simplified explanations about courses, technologies, disciplines etc.

Workflow Automation

Automate data processing, document parsing, analysis, reporting, and more.

Digital Assistant

Manage calendar, lists, reminders, and daily tasks with Claude’s assistance.

Tech Support

Ask coding questions, get debug help, understand APIs, tools, frameworks etc.

Language Learning

Practice conversations in a new language and get grammar, vocabulary help from Claude.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to use Claude effectively without a phone number:

  • Have clear and focused conversations by asking one question at a time.
  • Be polite and respectful in your chats just as with a human.
  • Try rephrasing a question if Claude seems confused or gives irrelevant responses.
  • Provide context and background for complex or multi-part questions.
  • Wait patiently for a few seconds after asking – Claude will indicate when typing.
  • Make the conversations engaging by responding to Claude’s follow-up questions.
  • Provide constructive feedback with the thumbs up/down buttons on chats.
  • Update your interests and topics in Profile Settings for better recommendations.


In summary, Claude offers an easy and intuitive way to sign up, set up your profile, and have intelligent conversations without needing a phone number.

Make the most of its human-like capabilities for knowledge, writing, coding, planning, and creativity. Follow these best practices to get started and build an effective personal AI assistant with Claude.


Q1. Is a phone number required to sign up for Claude?

No, you can create a Claude account by just providing an email address. No phone number is needed.

Q2. Can I use all of Claude’s features without a phone number?

Yes, you can access Claude’s full capabilities like conversations, knowledge, writing assistance, coding explanations etc. without providing a phone number.

Q3. Is there a limit on how much I can use Claude without a phone number?

No, there are no usage limits based on providing a phone number. You can have unlimited conversations with Claude.

Q4. How do I recover my Claude account if I forget my password?

You can reset your Claude password by clicking the forgot password link on the login page and entering your registered email. A reset link will be emailed.

Q5. Can I change my Claude username from my email to something else?

Yes, you can change your Claude username by updating it in your account settings. Your email will remain the same.

Q6. Does Claude work without an internet connection?

No, an active internet connection is required for Claude to function and have conversations. It is a cloud-based AI.

Q7. Can I use Claude on multiple devices without a phone number?

Definitely, you can stay logged into your Claude account on different devices like desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Q8. Will Claude store any of my personal data?

Claude does not store any personal user data beyond the login, profile info and conversation history you permit.

Q9. What should I do if Claude stops responding during a chat?

Please wait a few minutes – Claude may be processing a complex response. If the issue persists, refresh the page or app.

Q10. Who do I contact if I face any issues using Claude?

You can email Claude’s support team at or start a conversation with “Speak to Support”.

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