How to Unblock Claude AI in Any Location? [2023]

Claude AI is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. However, in some locations, access to Claude may be blocked or restricted.

Getting around these restrictions can allow you to access Claude no matter where you are located. There are a few methods to unblock Claude AI depending on your situation.

Using a VPN Service

One of the easiest ways to unblock Claude AI is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. A VPN allows you to route your internet traffic through servers in different locations, effectively changing your IP address and location. Here’s how to unblock Claude with a VPN:

Choose a Reliable VPN Provider

There are many VPN services to choose from. Look for one known to effectively bypass geographic restrictions without slowing down your internet speeds too much. Some top options include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, and ProtonVPN.

Install & Connect the VPN Software

After signing up for a service, install the VPN app on your device and log into your account. Connect to a server located in a country where Claude AI is not blocked. This routes your traffic through that server, making it appear like you are accessing the internet from that location instead.

Check Claude AI Access

Once connected to the VPN server, try accessing the Claude AI website or app. The VPN should allow you to bypass any location-based blocks and full access should now be unlocked.

Using Proxy Servers

Proxy servers work similarly to VPNs in terms of changing your virtual location. Here is how to use proxy services to access Claude AI:

Find Open Proxy Servers

There are lists available online of public open proxy servers you can connect to for free. Or use paid proxy options which may be faster and more reliable. Make sure to select servers based in locations without Claude AI blocks.

Configure Device Proxy Settings

Go into your computer, phone, or tablet’s network settings section. Look for options to manually configure a proxy connection. Enter the IP address and port number from the proxy service you want to use.

Test Claude Connection

With your device now routing through the proxy, Claude should think you are connecting from a different location without restrictions. Try loading the website – full access to the AI assistant should now be possible via the proxy.

Using the Tor Browser

The Tor browser automatically routes your traffic through random global proxy servers in its volunteer network. This obscures your location allowing you to bypass censorship and access blocked sites.

Download and Install Tor

Go to to safely download the Tor browser using your current internet browser first. Install it and fully open the Tor browser application so all traffic will be routed through the Tor network.

Check Claude Access

With Tor established, any geographic restrictions on Claude AI should now be lifted. Navigate to the website in Tor – you will now have open access even if connections are blocked where you physically are. Full functionality should be restored.

Using Mirror Sites and Proxies

If Claude itself is not blocked but the specific website is, try using unofficial mirrors of the site or AI proxies. These provide alternate domain names or interfaces allowing access to Claude.

Google Search Engine Queries

Search for terms like “Claude AI mirror site” and “Claude proxy” to find publicly available gateway sites to the assistant. There may be various unofficial clones fully replicating the AI experience. Click through sites until one grants you functioning access.

Ask Tech Communities

Visit technology focused forums and subreddits and ask about accessible Claude mirrors and proxies in your region. Other users may know of working ways to reach Claude AI even if primary sites are inaccessible.

Test Multiple Access Points

Not all mirror sites or proxy apps may fully work to give complete AI functionality. You may have to try 5 or 10 alternatives, testing Claude response quality on each until discovering one bypass that provides smooth access.

Using Censorship Circumvention Tools

For severe blocks, specialty censorship circumvention software exist to get past even government-level restrictions by technical means such as masking traffic or slick protocol tricks.

Setup Tool Options

Look into circumvention tools like Psiphon, Lantern,Outline, Briar or Tor Browser Bundle which package censorship-busting code disguised as other traffic. If Claude is fully blocked at the network level, these tools can still punch open an access hole.

Get Obscure Software

Some region-specific anti-censorship programs and activist sites offer their own custom software for bypassing blocks. These obscure options don’t show up on app stores but may provide last resort access if run on a desktop computer.

Chain Multiple Circumvention Routes

Combine the tactics above into a series approach of VPN, proxy and circumventor tools together forming a Voltron of censorship busting mechanisms sure to break through even the toughest barriers between you and access to Claude AI assistants.

Split Connections Across Devices

For working around the most repressive blocks, splitting connections across multiple phones/tablet/PCs can obscure traffic. Use one device for VPN, route through Tor on another and access Claude on a third for maximum misdirection getting around the censorship wall.


With persistence and technical flexibility, current blockages preventing you from accessing Claude AI can be bypassed. Depending on whether it is IP or DNS based filtering, website blocking or full network censorship – solutions exist in the form of VPN services, proxies, Tor and/or more advanced censorship circumvention tools.

Combine multiple access methods for best results getting past Claude restrictions. Check forums and search engines when current options stop working as new censorship busting options are always emerging. Where there is an AI assistant will, there is always a way to break through to and liberate Claude.


What is Claude AI and why would it be blocked?

Claude AI is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. However, some countries or networks block access to certain sites and services, which may include Claude.

What is the easiest way to access Claude AI if it is blocked?

The easiest way is typically to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Connecting to a VPN routes your traffic through an encrypted tunnel, hiding your location and allowing you to bypass geographic restrictions.

Does a free VPN work to unblock sites?

Sometimes, but free VPNs often have limited speeds, less reliable connections, and fewer server options compared to paid services. For consistently accessing Claude across networks, a paid VPN provider is recommended.

What if I cannot install VPN software?

You can use browser-based proxy extensions/add-ons or stand-alone proxy sites to achieve similar location spoofing results. Proxy connections can unlock sites when VPNs are not an option.

Is Tor Browser effective for accessing blocked AIs?

Yes, Tor routes your browsing through random nodes globally, obscuring your original location. As such it allows you to circumvent censorship and access blocked services like Claude outside your region.

What if Claude is actively being blocked in my country?

For heavily restricted regions, anti-censorship tools like Psiphon, Lantern or custom network masking protocols may provide specialized technical workarounds when site blocking is government-enforced.