How to Buy and Resell Items From TEMU? [2024]

How to Buy and Resell Items From TEMU? TEMU is a fast-growing e-commerce marketplace that connects manufacturers, mostly from China, directly to consumers around the world. It aims to provide quality products at ultra-low prices by eliminating middlemen and offering wholesale prices to everyone.

Some key things to know about TEMU:

  • It was launched in 2022 and has quickly become one of the largest global e-commerce platforms. Over 10 million people have already shopped on TEMU.
  • It sells everything from electronics to home goods, clothing, toys, sports equipment, and more. Most items ship directly from Chinese warehouses.
  • Prices are up to 80% lower compared to Amazon and other Western retailers. This is because there are no middlemen, so sellers pass on their savings from bulk manufacturing directly to consumers.
  • Delivery times range from 7-25 days through ePacket shipping, which is TEMU’s standard free shipping method. Faster shipping options are also available for an added fee.
  • TEMU purchases are covered by buyer protection policies. If items are damaged, defective, or significantly different from the product description, buyers can get a full refund.

Why Resell Items from TEMU?

There are several key reasons why reselling items from TEMU can be a great business opportunity:

  1. Huge profit margins: With wholesale pricing direct from manufacturers, resellers can mark up items significantly and still offer competitive prices to shoppers. Profit margins typically range from 50-150%.
  2. Massive product selection: TEMU has over 10 million SKUs across every major product category. This makes it easy to find trending and in-demand items to resell for big profits.
  3. Low start-up costs: You can launch a TEMU reselling business with minimal upfront investment. No need to carry inventory or rent a storefront.
  4. Global reach: TEMU ships worldwide, so you can sell items to a huge international customer base.
  5. Minimal effort: The TEMU platform handles payments, shipping, and customer service for all transactions. Resellers simply source, market, and fulfill orders.
  6. Support from TEMU: They offer resellers special wholesale pricing, incentives, and support to help boost sales.

With huge selections and savings passed direct to consumers, TEMU is an ideal platform for launching a profitable ecommerce reselling business.

How to Source Profitable Products to Resell from TEMU

Sourcing hot selling items is the key first step to generating big profits reselling goods from TEMU. Follow these tips:

  1. Check the Bestsellers:

Browse TEMU’s constantly updated list of top selling items across major categories like electronics, home, fashion, and more. Bestsellers are already proven big hits with consumers.

  1. Identify Trends:

Pay attention to current trends that may create hot demand for particular products. For example, fidget toys were hugely popular last year. Identify trends early to source hot products.

  1. Read Product Reviews:

Don’t just glance at the product rating. Carefully read reviews to get insight into an item’s quality, sizing, usefulness, and more. This helps avoid duds.

  1. Check Supplier Ratings:

Choose items only from top rated manufacturers and wholesale suppliers to ensure you’re getting quality products. Avoid items with poor supplier ratings.

  1. Order Samples:

Before committing to bulk orders, first order samples to assess product quality yourself. Check for defects, photograph products from all angles, get measurements, and more.

By following these steps, you can consistently source high selling items from TEMU that shoppers will grab up quickly.

How to Purchase Inventory from TEMU

Once you’ve identified winning products, buying inventory from TEMU is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Place Test Orders First:

Before purchasing high quantities, place small test orders first to confirm the supplier delivers as promised. Test varying products/suppliers before scaling up.

  1. Pay Attention to Minimum Order Quantities:

Look at how many items you must order from each wholesale supplier. Plan purchases to meet any minimum requirements.

  1. Use Coupons and Discounts:

TEMU offers plenty of percent-off and dollar-amount-off coupons year round. Apply them in your cart before checkout to maximize savings.

  1. Note Lead Times:

Pay attention to how long production and shipping will take from each supplier. This ensures you have enough inventory in stock continuously to meet customer orders.

  1. Arrange Faster Shipping If Needed:

TEMU offers DHL, FedEx, and other expedited shipping options for an added fee. Use these if standard ePacket shipping would take too long for hot selling products.

Following these guidelines when buying inventory enables profit-boosting efficiency, speed, and savings.

How to Pick the Right Ecommerce Platform & Set Up Your Store

Choosing the right sales platform and setting up a polished, professional-looking store is essential for converting browsing shoppers into paying customers. Here are some top tips:

  1. Choose Between Ecommerce Platforms:

Leading options like Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace offer different templates, integrations, fees, and tools. Assess which fits your business model and budget best.

  1. Pick a Template:

Browse gallery templates to find an attractive, easy-to-navigate layout suited for showcasing your products online. Prioritize mobile responsiveness.

  1. Upload Product Photos:

High quality, consistent images shot on clean backgrounds are vital. Use photo editing tools to optimize lighting, color, and more.

  1. Write Compelling Product Descriptions:

Focus on useful details like materials, sizing measurements, ideal usage occasions and customers. Include key specs and benefits.

  1. Set Competitive Pricing:

Research competitor pricing then offer at least a small discount to attract customers while preserving healthy profit margins. Tools like Shopify help simplify repricing.

  1. Integrate Key Apps:

Connect apps and tools for payment processing, shipping, accounting, inventory management, email marketing, and more. Automate key processes.

Investing effort in a robust, visually appealing store helps inspire trust and sales. Follow ecommerce best practices right from the start.

How to Market and Sell Items through Social Media

Driving high visibility and sales through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok involves:

  1. Creating Accounts:

Set up business accounts for each major platform. Use consistent branding and messaging across all accounts.

  1. Running Targeted Ads:

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok all offer powerful advertising platforms for targeting specific demographics of likely buyers. Create and test ad variations to determine winning messaging and creatives.

  1. Posting Attention-Grabbing Content:

Upload videos, stories, posts showcasing new arrivals, offers, styling inspiration, behind-the-scenes business snapshots and more. Post daily to stay top of mind. Invite user generated content.

  1. Using Hashtags:

Research and use trending hashtags related to your products to tap into what’s hot and get your posts surface to new potential followers organically outside your existing circle.

  1. Collaborating with Influencers:

Loan products to relevant bloggers, YouTube stars, and social media influencers with engaged niche audiences. Repost their content driving viewers to your online store.

  1. Providing Excellent Customer Support:

Promptly respond to queries, comments, complaints across all platforms to resolve issues quickly and preserve your brand reputation. Guide followers toward purchase gently through helpfulness.

With regular engagement across key platforms, social media enables cost-efficient promotion to motivated buyers ready to purchase popular resale goods.

How to Efficiently Fulfill Orders and Delight Customers

Meeting and exceeding buyer expectations through exceptional order fulfillment and customer service generates loyal repeat purchasers and word of mouth referrals. Best practices include:

  1. Gathering Order Details Efficiently: Integrate order management with shipping apps to automatically sync key details like addresses. Avoid manual errors retyping information.
  2. Carefully Checking, Packaging, & Shipping Items: Verify item accuracy, include any accessories, carefully pack items to prevent damage, and ship quickly within business days stated in policies.
  3. Sending Customized Package Inserts: Include personalized thank you notes and coupons to delight customers and promote return purchases. Inserts make brands memorable.
  4. Proactively Resolving Any Issues: If anything goes wrong with an order, contact buyers immediately to solve problems to their complete satisfaction. Empower them to share feedback.
  5. Requesting Reviews: Follow up by email after delivery asking happy customers to leave positive reviews on your store site or platforms like TrustPilot. Reviews build credibility and trust for new shoppers.
  6. Showing Appreciation: Offer loyalty rewards like coupon codes for repeat or high-value customers. Send handwritten thank you’s and small gifts on occasion.

Delivering 5-star fulfillment experiences makes the key difference in converting one-off buyers into lifelong brand advocates


What kind of items can I resell from TEMU?

You can resell just about anything available on TEMU – electronics, home appliances, clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, sports equipment, security products, car accessories, etc. Any item people search for and buy online has good reselling potential.

Do I need to register as a business or get any kind of reseller permit?

No, you do not need any special business registration or permit to resell items you’ve purchased from TEMU. It’s open for any individual to create an account and buy items at wholesale prices for resale.

How much profit margin can I expect reselling TEMU items?

Typical profit margins range from 50-100% or even higher depending on the types of products you focus on. For example, small electronic accessories can often be marked up 100-150% and still offer great value for shoppers.

What is the average shipping time when ordering from TEMU?

Shipping times range between 7-25 days for standard free ePacket shipping, depending on the item, supplier location, and destination. Faster DHL, FedEx, and UPS options are available for an added fee.

How do I know which products from TEMU will sell best?

Checking TEMU bestseller rankings, product reviews, current trends, and supplier ratings helps determine items likely to sell best. Testing sample orders first aids further success forecasting.

What do I do if there is an issue with an item I purchased for resale?

TEMU offers buyer protection for significant product condition discrepancies between listings and reality. You can get replacements or refunds by providing photo evidence of damages or flaws.

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