How Many Free Messages on Claude? [2023]

How Many Free Messages on Claude? Claude is an AI assistant created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. It allows users to have natural conversations and ask questions to receive thoughtful responses.

One of the most common questions new users have is “How many free message can I send on Claude?” This article provides a comprehensive overview of Claude’s free messaging limits and pricing model.

Claude’s Messaging Limits

When you first sign up for Claude, you get access to the free tier which includes:

  • 50 free message to start
  • Ability to earn more free message through referrals and feedback
  • Access to Claude’s core conversational abilities

This allows new users to test out Claude’s capabilities risk-free. Once the initial 50 message are used, there are a few ways to earn more without paying.

Referral Free Messages

One of the easiest ways to get free message is by referring friends to sign up for Claude. For every friend that signs up using your referral link, you get 50 additional free message. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer.

Referral rewards are an incentive Claude offers to encourage organic growth through word of mouth. The more people share Claude, the more new users can try it out.

Feedback Free Messages

You can also earn free message by providing feedback to Claude. After certain conversations, Claude may ask if you’d like to provide feedback by answering some quick questions. This helps Claude’s creators at Anthropic understand how to improve its conversational skills.

Each time you provide feedback, you earn 10 additional free message. So providing frequent feedback can allow you to use Claude quite extensively without paying.

Free Tier Message Limit

While the referral and feedback options provide ways to earn message for free, there is a limit. The maximum number of free message available on the free tier is 500.

Once you have earned 500 total free message through referrals, feedback, and the initial 50 message grant, you will not earn any more. You’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan for additional message beyond 500.

Paid Plan Options

Once you exhaust your free tier limits, Claude offers paid subscriptions for continued use. There are a few pricing tiers available offering different allowances:

Basic Plan

  • $20 per month
  • 5,000 message per month
  • Unlimited Claude use without pay-per-message fees

This is the basic all-access pass to Claude. For a flat monthly fee, you get a generous amount of included message without having to worry about per-message charges.

Professional Plan

  • $40 per month
  • 15,000 message per month
  • Priority support response

The professional plan provides a higher volume of message and faster customer support response times for a higher monthly fee. It’s ideal for business professionals and heavy Claude users.

Custom Enterprise Plan

  • Custom pricing
  • Custom message allowances
  • Dedicated account manager

Claude also offers custom enterprise pricing packages. These allow for very high volumes of message, dedicated support, and additional features tailored for large organizations. Pricing is on a quote basis.

Pay-Per-Message Overages

If you exceed the monthly allowance on your paid Claude plan, you can continue using it and simply pay a per-message overage rate. The overage rates are:

  • Basic plan: $0.004 per excess message
  • Professional plan: $0.002 per excess message

So going a bit over your limit won’t break the bank. But it’s still usually more economical to upgrade to the next pricing tier if you consistently exceed the included message limits.

Tracking Message Usage

Claude makes it easy to track your current message usage and remaining balance. In the Claude app and web dashboard, your usage is displayed prominently.

It will show how many free message you have left on your free tier, or how many paid message you have used out of your monthly allowance. This makes it easy to monitor your usage and plan when you may need to upgrade your account.

The usage tracker also displays how many referral and feedback message you’ve earned so you can see how close you are to earning additional free message.

Tips for Conserving Messages

Here are some tips to make the most of your free and paid message on Claude:

  • Use succinct phrasing. Get your point across with fewer words.
  • Avoid repetitive questioning. Check Claude’s memory before asking the same thing repeatedly.
  • Balance specificity with brevity. Give enough detail for Claude to understand your request but avoid rambling.
  • Let Claude respond fully before replying. Don’t send multiple rapid-fire message.
  • Take advantage of referral opportunities. Share Claude with friends to earn more free message.
  • Provide feedback when prompted. Just a few minutes of your time earns 10 more message.
  • Upgrade plans when needed. Switch to higher tiers when exceeding your limits to avoid overages.

Following these tips will help you maximize your free usage and get the most value from paid plans.

Can I Get More Free Messages?

Once you have earned the maximum 500 free message from referrals and feedback, there is no way to earn additional free message. Claude does not currently offer any promotions, free trials, or other ways to obtain free message beyond the referral and feedback options.

If you require more than 500 message, you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription. This allows Claude’s creators at Anthropic to sustain their operations and continue improving the product over time.

However, with 500 free message to start and unlimited potential referrals, you can use Claude extensively at no cost if you are strategic. Take advantage of the initial free grant, refer often, and provide feedback to stretch your free usage far.

Messaging Use Cases

How long 500 or 5000 message lasts depends entirely on your use cases. Here are some examples of how many message different use cases might utilize:

  • Casual user: Asks 10-20 questions per week about general topics. 500 message may last 6 months or more.
  • Student: Asks Claude 30-50 questions per day for homework help across multiple subjects. May exceed 500 free message in 2-3 weeks.
  • Business professional: Discusses 10-15 detailed work-related conversations per day. Could use 5000 monthly message on a paid plan in 2 weeks.
  • Power user: Chats with Claude extensively about a wide variety of subjects all day long. May fly through 5000+ paid message per month.

Your own use will likely fall somewhere on this spectrum. Evaluate how frequently you plan to have in-depth conversations to select the right messaging allotment.

Can I Roll Over Unused Messages?

Unfortunately, Claude does not currently allow rolling over unused paid messages from month to month.

For example, if you purchase the Basic plan with 5000 message but only use 4000 that month, the extra 1000 do not carry forward. Your message balance resets to 5000 at the start of each billing cycle.

Make sure to monitor your usage each month and consider downgrading your plan if you are overbuying messages. But unused free tier message do not expire, so that balance will remain if you delete your account and return later.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Claude offers an initial 50 free messages, unlimited referral rewards, feedback-based earnings up to 500 total free messages, and paid subscriptions with 5000 to 15,000 included messages per month.

Track your usage carefully, take advantage of free offerings, purchase a fitting paid plan if needed, and conserve messages using Claude’s advice. With smart management, you can have engaging conversations on Claude while minimizing your costs.

The pricing model ensures Claude can deliver helpful information to you sustainably using advanced AI. Overall, the generous free tier and affordable paid tiers make the powerful conversational abilities easily accessible to all.


How many free messages do you get on Claude?

You get 50 free messages when you first sign up. You can earn up to 500 total free messages through referrals and feedback.

Do unused free messages expire?

No, any unused free messages stay in your account indefinitely.

How can I get more free messages?

Refer friends to earn 50 free messages per referral. Provide feedback when prompted to earn 10 free messages at a time.

Is there a limit to how many referral messages I can earn?

No, you can earn unlimited free messages by referring as many friends as you want.

What happens when I hit 500 free messages?

Once you reach 500 total free messages, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan for any additional messages.

What are Claude’s paid plans?

There are Basic ($20/month for 5,000 messages), Professional ($40/month for 15,000 messages), and custom Enterprise plans.

Can I roll over unused paid messages?

No, unused paid messages reset to your allowance each billing cycle. They do not roll over month to month.

How can I check my current message usage?

Your usage and messages remaining are displayed prominently in the Claude app and web dashboard.

What happens if I go over my paid message allowance?

You can continue chatting and pay overage fees of $0.004/message (Basic) or $0.002/message (Pro).

How long will 500 messages last me?

It depends on your usage, but for most casual users 500 free messages can last 6+ months.

How do I redeem referral and feedback messages?

Referral and feedback messages are automatically added to your account. No redemption needed.

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