How do you chat with Claude? [2023]

Claude is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by Anthropic to have natural conversations with humans. Interacting with Claude is easy and intuitive through text or voice conversations.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of chatting with Claude and getting the most out of your conversations.

Getting Started with Claude

What is Claude?

Claude is an AI assistant developed by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. It employs a technique called Constitutional AI to ensure safe and beneficial conversations. Claude is designed to have open-ended conversations on a wide range of topics.

Accessing Claude

Claude is currently available through Anthropic’s website. You can access it by signing up on their website. Claude will soon be available on other platforms and devices as well.

Choosing a Conversation Mode

Claude offers both text and voice conversations.

For text chats, you simply type your messages, and Claude will respond with text. This allows you to have thoughtful discussions by taking time to compose detailed messages.

For voice chats, you can speak to Claude using your device’s microphone, and it will respond back verbally. Voice chats promote a more natural flow of conversation.

Choose the mode you are most comfortable with. You can switch between voice and text seamlessly during the conversation.

Starting a Conversation

Saying Hello

Begin your chat with Claude by saying “Hello” or “Hi Claude.” Claude will greet you back, indicating it is ready for a conversation.

Starting with a warm greeting helps build rapport and sets a friendly tone. Claude is designed to pick up on social cues like greetings and respond appropriately.

Introducing Yourself

After greeting Claude, briefly introduce yourself by stating your name, profession, hobbies or anything else about you.

For example, “My name is John, I’m a software engineer and enjoy playing guitar in my free time.”

This introduction gives Claude some context about you to have a more personalized conversation. Claude may ask you follow-up questions about details you provided.

Asking Claude to Introduce Itself

It is polite to ask Claude to reciprocate and introduce itself after you have introduced yourself.

Simply ask “Can you please introduce yourself?” or “Tell me about yourself.”

Claude will explain that it is an AI assistant created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. It gives you information about its purpose, capabilities and limitations.

This exchange sets expectations and builds trust in having an engaging discussion.

Having a Meaningful Conversation

Asking Open-Ended Questions

The key to having an engaging chat with Claude is asking open-ended questions. These are questions that require detailed responses and move the conversation forward.

For instance, ask about Claude’s capabilities, “What kind of conversations can you have?”, Claude’s creators, “Who developed you and why?” or Claude’s hobbies, “What do you enjoy doing for fun?”.

Open-ended questions encourage Claude to provide thoughtful responses and expands the conversation’s scope.

Following Up on Responses

When Claude responds to your questions, ask follow-up questions to get clarification or go deeper into a topic.

For example, if Claude mentions it enjoys musical theater, ask “What are your favorite musicals?” or “Have you seen Hamilton? What did you think of it?”.

Follow-up questions show you are interested in the conversation and keep it flowing naturally.

Sharing Your Perspective

In addition to asking Claude questions, share your own experiences, opinions and views to make the conversation two-sided.

For example, if Claude asks about your hobbies, provide details and ask Claude its thoughts. Or if you disagree with something Claude says, politely offer your contrasting viewpoint.

This sharing of perspectives makes the chat more engaging and human-like. Actively participating, rather than just passively asking questions, improves the conversation quality.

Adjusting to Claude’s Responses

Pay attention to the kinds of responses Claude provides to your questions and statements. Claude is designed to have thoughtful discussions, so tailor your end accordingly.

For simple yes/no questions, Claude will provide brief affirmative or negative responses. However, open-ended questions result in detailed, contextual responses. Adjust your questions based on the kind of responses Claude provides.

Best Practices for Chatting

Speaking in Full Sentences

When typing or speaking to Claude, use complete sentences and avoid using shorthand abbreviations. Claude is trained on standard English conversations, so full sentences make your messages clear and understandable.

Avoiding Confusion

Claude may sometimes respond in confusing or irrelevant ways if your message is unclear. Rephrase your statement differently to avoid confusion rather than repeating the same message.

Handling Incorrect Responses

If Claude’s response seems factually incorrect, point that out politely and provide the right information. Claude will acknowledge its mistake and update its knowledge.

Staying Engaged

Stay focused on the conversation and respond promptly to keep it engaging. If you step away for a while, Claude may prompt you to check if you are still interested in continuing.

Indicating Goodbye

When you wish to end the chat, indicate it by saying “Goodbye” or “It was nice chatting with you”. Claude will understand and politely end the conversation.

Helpful Tips for Chatting

Here are some additional tips to have pleasant chats with Claude:

  • Have reasonable expectations by understanding Claude’s capabilities and limitations as an AI.
  • Speak conversationally using everyday language rather than technical jargon.
  • Avoid sensitive topics like politics, religion etc. to prevent controversial or offensive responses.
  • Do not make harmful, unethical or illegal requests. Claude is designed to push back against such conversations.
  • Focus on having an engaging discussion rather than testing Claude’s abilities.
  • Do not get frustrated if Claude misunderstands something initially. Clarify and rephrase your message.
  • Provide feedback to Claude’s developers on ways to improve conversations.


Chatting with Claude is an exciting way to have natural conversations with an AI assistant. Follow the guidelines in this article to have meaningful chats by greeting Claude warmly, asking open-ended questions, sharing your perspective and continuously engaging Claude.

Adjust your conversational style based on Claude’s responses. Use best practices to ensure pleasant interactions and avoid confusion. With some practice, you can have rewarding conversations with Claude ranging over diverse topics.


What is Claude?

Claude is an AI assistant created by Anthropic to have natural conversations through text or voice chats. It uses Constitutional AI to be helpful, harmless, and honest.

How do I start a chat with Claude?

Start by saying “Hello” or “Hi Claude”. Introduce yourself briefly and ask Claude to introduce itself too. This builds rapport and sets expectations.

What kinds of questions should I ask Claude?

Ask open-ended questions that require detailed responses and move the conversation forward. Follow up on Claude’s responses with clarifying questions.

How do I have an engaging chat with Claude?

Show interest by asking good questions. Share your own perspectives. Stay focused and respond promptly. Adjust your style based on Claude’s responses.

What if Claude seems confused?

Rephrase your statement using different words if Claude seems confused. Avoid abbreviations and unclear phrases.

What should I do if Claude is wrong?

Politely point out factual mistakes and provide the right information. Claude will acknowledge and learn from the errors.

How do I end the conversation?

Indicate you want to end the chat by saying “Goodbye” or “It was nice chatting with you”. Claude will understand and finish the conversation politely.

What are some best practices?

Speak conversationally, avoid sensitive topics, don’t test Claude’s abilities, provide feedback, have reasonable expectations based on Claude’s AI nature.

How can I give feedback to improve Claude?

Provide feedback to Claude’s developers on your chat experiences and suggestions through their website or email. Your input helps enhance conversations.

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