How do I use Claude in slack? [2023]

Claude in slack: Slack is a popular team collaboration and communication tool used by many companies and teams. Claude is an AI assistant created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. Integrating Claude into your Slack workspace can provide your team with an intelligent assistant that can understand conversations, retrieve information, automate tasks, and more.

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to add Claude to your Slack workspace and how to use Claude’s capabilities within Slack to enhance team productivity and collaboration.

Adding Claude to Your Slack Workspace

Adding Claude to Your Slack Workspace

The first step is to add Claude to your Slack workspace. Here is how to do it:

Sign Up for Claude

  • Go to Claude’s website and click on “Request Access”
  • Fill in your information like name, email, company, etc.
  • Anthropic will review your request and send you an email if you are approved for access

Install the Claude App

Once your request is approved by Anthropic, you can install the Claude app in your Slack workspace:

Invite Claude to Channels

After installing Claude, you need to invite it to the channels where you want it to participate:

  • Go to any channel where you want Claude present
  • Type “/invite @claude” to invite the bot to that channel
  • Repeat this for any other channels as needed

Once invited, Claude will appear as a member of those channels and you can @ mention it to activate it.

Using Claude in Slack

Using Claude in Slack

Now that Claude has been added to your Slack workspace, what can it do? Here are some of the key ways to use Claude’s capabilities:

Ask Questions

You can ask Claude questions just like you would ask a colleague in Slack. For example:

  • You: “@claude what’s the weather today?”
  • Claude: “The weather today in [your city] is [current weather]. The high is [temp] and the low is [temp] with a [precipitation %] chance of [rain/snow].”

Claude can answer factual questions, summarize long passages of text, perform calculations and more.

Look Up Information

Need to quickly look something up? Claude can search the internet or company resources to find information.

  • You: “@claude find me the latest sales figures”
  • Claude: “Here are the latest sales figures from the Q3 report: [summarizes key figures]”

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Claude can help automate repetitive administrative tasks. You can create custom slash commands to trigger Claude to perform certain functions.

For example:

  • /claude create meeting with @john @sarah tomorrow at 3pm to discuss [agenda]
  • Claude will automatically create the calendar event based on your instructions.

Integrate with Other Apps

As an AI assistant, Claude can integrate with your other apps and services used by your team:

  • Calendar apps like Google Calendar to schedule meetings
  • Productivity apps like Jira, Trello, Asana to create tasks
  • Cloud storage like Google Drive to search for and share files
  • CRM tools like Salesforce to look up customer data
  • Email programs like Gmail to draft and send emails

The integrations enable Claude to access information across different systems to deliver more helpful capabilities within Slack.

Monitor Conversations

Claude can passively monitor team conversations and jump in proactively when it might be useful.

For example:

  • Sarah: “I’m having a hard time figuring out how to import this dataset into the system. Anyone familiar with this?”
  • Claude: “Hi Sarah, I noticed your question. Here is a link to the documentation on importing datasets that might help.”

This allows Claude to provide relevant information without having to be directly asked.

Best Practices for Using Claude in Slack

Best Practices for Using Claude in Slack

To fully leverage Claude’s capabilities within Slack, keep these best practices in mind:

More Examples of Questions to Ask Claude

  • General knowledge questions (“Claude, what is the capital of France?”)
  • Company policy/process questions (“Claude, how do I file an expense report?”)
  • Definitions (“Claude, what is a CAP theorem?”)
  • Math/calculations (“Claude, what is the monthly payment on a 30 year $300,000 mortgage with a 3.5% interest rate?”)

More Examples of Information Lookup

  • Employee directory lookup (“Claude, find me the email address for Jane Smith”)
  • Knowledge base search (“Claude, where can I find our software debugging guides?”)
  • Inventory lookup (“Claude, how many units of Product X do we have in stock?”)

More Examples of Automatable Tasks

More Examples of Automatable Tasks
  • Scheduling meetings (“Claude, schedule a meeting with the marketing team next Wednesday at 2pm”)
  • Creating TODOs (“Claude, create a TODO to update the payroll templates”)
  • Adding calendar appointments (“Claude, add team happy hour to my calendar next Friday from 5-6pm”)

More Integrations to Consider

  • HR/people management tools like Workday
  • IT ticketing systems like ServiceNow or Jira Service Desk
  • E-signature platforms like DocuSign
  • Customer service software like Zendesk
  • Project management like or Wrike

Customizing Claude with Scripts


Adding Claude to your Slack workspace provides teams with an intelligent assistant right within your collaboration hub. Claude can field questions, provide information, automate tasks, and enhance team productivity.

By inviting Claude to key channels, leveraging its integration capabilities, and following best practices in interacting with it, your team can maximize the value of having an AI like Claude within Slack. Over time, Claude will continue to become more capable and your team will find new ways to use its helpful abilities.


What permissions does Claude need in my Slack workspace?

Claude needs basic permissions like sending messages in channels it has been invited to, creating posts, adding reactions, and uploading files. It does not require elevated permissions like managing channels or members.

What integrations does Claude support?

Some of the top integrations Claude supports include Google Workspace (Gmail, Calendar, Drive), Office 365, Salesforce, Jira, GitHub, AWS, Figma, and many more. Check Claude’s app page for the full list.

Can I use Claude in direct messages?

Yes, you can DM Claude just like messaging any other Slack user. This allows you to have private conversations with Claude.

How do I customize Claude for my team’s specific needs?

You can use Claude scripts to add custom capabilities tailored to your workflows. Claude provides a framework for uploading scripts and makes them accessible with slash commands.

How does Claude handle sensitive information?

Claude’s access is restricted based on Slack permissions. Sensitive data should not be stored in Slack. Claude does not retain or learn from individual workspace data.

How do I provide feedback to Claude to help improve it?

You can use the thumbs up/down reactions on any message to reinforce Claude’s responses. Over time, this helps Claude learn what responses are useful or not useful.

Is there a limit to how much Claude can be used?

Claude has usage limits per workspace based on your pricing plan. Usage is measured by how many messages are exchanged with Claude.

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