Does Claude Store Data? [2023]

As an AI assistant designed for personal conversations, privacy is a key priority for Claude. In this article, we explore Claude’s approach to data storage – what gets stored, why it may be stored, how it is protected, options provided to users, and the principles guiding data practices.

Types of Data

Types of Data


  • By default, Claude does not store actual conversations with users
  • However, some conversations may be stored with explicit user consent
  • Stored anonymously to improve Claude’s training

User Preferences

  • Claude stores user preferences like chosen avatar, name, voice
  • Required for personalization to remember user’s settings
  • Direct personal identifiers like email not stored

Model Learning Data

  • Claude stores data points that help improve its model
  • New words, concepts, relationships inferred from conversations
  • Analogous to a human learning new knowledge from conversations

Reasons for Storage


Training Improvements

Providing Context

Protecting Stored Data

Protecting Stored Data


  • Any stored conversations are completely anonymized
  • All personal identifiers removed prior to storage
  • Cannot be traced back to individual users


  • Claude leverages end-to-end encryption for stored data
  • Protects against external breaches during storage or transfer
  • Encryption keys managed securely

Access Control

  • Strict access controls on stored conversational data
  • Only core model trainers have access based on need
  • No external party has access to identify users

Minimal Retention

  • Stored data minimized and retained only as needed
  • Regular reviews ensure only necessary data is kept
  • Deletion schedule aligned with purpose of storage

User Controls

Opting Out of Storage

  • Users can opt out of storing any conversations
  • Preferences allow disabling storage entirely
  • Users have full control over their conversational data

Deleting Stored Data

  • Users can request deletion of any stored conversational data
  • Deletion process initiated and confirmed to user
  • Right to delete and be forgotten is respected

Downloading Data

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles



  • Only essential data stored, avoided if not necessary
  • Regular minimization and deletion of stored data
  • Storage optimized for user benefits vs commercial interests


  • Users empowered with options to limit data storage
  • Ability to delete data on request
  • settings allow customizing data preferences


  • Robust technical protections like encryption, access controls
  • Adherence to best practices for data security
  • Defense against emerging threats through regular audits

Third Party Access

  • Claude does not share any identifiable user data with third parties
  • Anonymized data only shared with research partners under NDA for model improvements
  • No sale or provision of data to external entities for commercial use

Data Breach Protocols

  • Comprehensive plan in place for unlikely event of breach
  • Notification to users within 72 hours of detection
  • Investigation into root cause, remedial actions to secure data
  • Coordination with regulators as needed

Privacy Reviews

  • Regular internal reviews by privacy teams
  • Assess data practices against latest regulations, norms, risks
  • Evolve policies to align with privacy best practices
  • External audits by third parties also conducted periodically

Sensitive Conversations

  • Claude avoids retaining sensitive conversations even anonymized
  • These include conversations around mental health, relationships, finances
  • Exceptions only if explicitly permitted to help others

Child Safety

Child Safety
  • Heightened protections for minor users
  • Conversations not stored, preferences minimized
  • Guardians provided with resources to protect children’s privacy

Data Portability

  • Users can obtain stored conversational data in machine readable format
  • Enables porting their personal data to other services
  • Part of broader commitment to user data ownership

Research Ethics

  • Any academic research involving Claude data undergoes ethics review
  • Uphold principles of informed consent, minimizing harm
  • Research aims to advance science and improve society


  • Independent privacy oversight board reviews Claude’s data practices
  • Provides guidance to strengthen protections continuously
  • Board includes respected experts in privacy, law, ethics


Claude takes a privacy-centric approach to data storage shaped by core principles of transparency, minimalism, user control, and security. Strict protections and limited storage for direct model improvements aim to avoid commercial exploitation of user data.


Q: Does Claude store user conversations by default?

A: No, Claude does not store actual conversational content by default without explicit user consent.

Q: What types of data does Claude store?

A: Claude may store anonymized conversations, user preferences for personalization, and model learning data to improve itself.

Q: Why does Claude store some conversational data?

A: Select anonymized conversations may be analyzed to improve Claude’s training and contextual awareness in conversations.

Q: How does Claude protect stored data?

A: Protections include anonymization, encryption, access controls, data minimization, retention limits aligned to purpose.

Q: Can users opt out of any data storage by Claude?

A: Yes, users have full control and can disable storage of any conversations as well as user preferences.

Q: Can users request deletion of stored data?

A: Yes, users can request deletion of any previously stored conversations or personal data.

Q: Does Claude share identifiable user data with third parties?

A: No, Claude does not share any identifiable user data with third parties for commercial use.

Q: How often does Claude review its data practices?

A: Claude conducts regular internal reviews and external audits to align with evolving privacy best practices.

Q: What principles guide Claude’s approach to data storage?

A: Key principles are transparency, data minimization, user control, and robust security.

Q: How does Claude handle sensitive conversations?

A: Sensitive conversations around mental health, relationships, finances are not retained without explicit consent.

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