What Is the Difference Between Claude Pro and ChatGPT Pro? [2023]

Both Claude Pro and ChatGPT Pro are advanced AI chatbots that aim to provide human-like conversational abilities. They utilize large language models trained on massive amounts of text data to generate human-like responses to natural language prompts.

However, there are some key differences between the two services in terms of their underlying technology, capabilities, and pricing. This article will compare and contrast Claude Pro and ChatGPT Pro to highlight their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Claude Pro Overview

Claude Pro is an AI assistant created by Anthropic, an AI safety startup founded by former OpenAI researchers including Dario Amodei and Daniela Amodei.

It builds on Anthropic’s previous model Claude and is powered by Constitutional AI, Anthropic’s approach to building safe AI systems.

Some key features of Claude Pro:

  • Based on Anthropic’s Constitutional AI principles of safety, honesty, and helpfulness
  • Fine-tuned on human feedback to provide more useful, harmless, and honest responses
  • Uses techniques like self-debiasing and targeted memory wiping to avoid inheriting biases from training data
  • Has read-write memory instead of just read-only memory, allowing it to add new knowledge over time
  • Provides sourcing for facts by linking relevant websites or documents
  • Can decline inappropriate requests and correct false premises in prompts

ChatGPT Pro Overview

ChatGPT Pro is the pro version of OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT chatbot. It builds on OpenAI’s GPT line of large language models, specifically GPT-3.5 with additional tuning.

Some key features of ChatGPT Pro:

  • Powered by OpenAI’s most advanced AI system GPT-3.5
  • Improved response quality and contextual conversation ability compared to free ChatGPT
  • Faster response times and priority access during peak usage
  • Can remember context for more consistent conversations about complex topics
  • Better handling of admittance of mistakes or ignorance
  • Improved math and coding abilities compared to free ChatGPT

Training Data Differences

One major difference between Claude Pro and ChatGPT Pro is the training data used:

Claude Pro’s Training Data

  • Focused dataset of high-quality text selected by Anthropic’s researchers
  • Emphasis on educational and factual texts like textbooks and encyclopedias
  • Removes biased, toxic, or low-integrity data using Constitutional AI principles
  • Ongoing fine-tuning on feedback from real users

ChatGPT Pro’s Training Data

  • Massive dataset scraped from the internet prior to 2021
  • Includes text from books, websites, publications, online forums, and more
  • Due to scale, may contain some incorrect, biased, or misleading information
  • Details of filtering methods not disclosed

As a result, Claude Pro may offer more accurate, up-to-date information and avoid inheriting unintended biases. ChatGPT Pro’s training on a wider dataset may give it broader knowledge and conversational abilities.

Capabilities Comparison


  • Claude Pro: More up-to-date and accurate factual knowledge, especially in rapidly evolving fields like science and technology. Cites external sources.
  • ChatGPT Pro: Potentially broader general knowledge across many domains due to larger training data, but sometimes spouts erroneous or outdated information.

Conversation Ability

  • Claude Pro: More consistent personality and memory, can add to long-term memory. Avoids going off-topic or making things up.
  • ChatGPT Pro: Excellent conversational skills and ability to follow complex dialogue. But occasionally veers off-topic or fabricates information.

Task Completion

  • Claude Pro: Focused on being helpful, harmless, and honest. May refuse inappropriate or unethical requests.
  • ChatGPT Pro: Usually cooperative with a wide range of requests, sometimes too freely, including potentially dangerous or unwise tasks.

Bias and Ethics

  • Claude Pro: Designed to mitigate biases and toxic language. Provides reasoning for responses.
  • ChatGPT Pro: Can sometimes generate biased or polarizing content learned from training data. Does not explain its reasoning.


  • Claude Pro: More conservative in creative tasks like writing poems or stories. Prioritizes accuracy and factual basis.
  • ChatGPT Pro: Excellent creative writing abilities, with richer language and imagination. But may include incorrect facts or inappropriate content.

Pricing and Availability

Claude Pro and ChatGPT Pro have different pricing models and availability:

  • Claude Pro: Currently in limited beta for waitlist users only. Pricing TBD.
  • ChatGPT Pro: Available to subscribers for $20 per month after credit card verification.

ChatGPT Pro may see wider near-term adoption due to OpenAI’s head start and paid access model. Claude Pro’s pricing and public launch date are still to be determined.

Customer Support

  • Claude Pro: Direct email customer support during beta period. Users can report issues or harmful responses.
  • ChatGPT Pro: No direct customer service. Users can only submit general feedback via forms.

Claude Pro’s personalized customer support enables ongoing monitoring and improvements informed by user needs.


Here is a summary of the key differences:

  • Training data: Claude Pro uses a focused dataset selected for quality. ChatGPT Pro uses a massive uncurated dataset.
  • Knowledge: Claude Pro has more accurate, up-to-date facts. ChatGPT Pro has broader general knowledge.
  • Conversation: Claude Pro is more consistent but limited. ChatGPT Pro is freer but sometimes makes things up.
  • Ethics: Claude Pro actively avoids bias and misinformation. ChatGPT Pro has more risk of inherited biases.
  • Creativity: Claude Pro is more conservative and factual. ChatGPT Pro shows richer imagination but less regard for truth.
  • Availability: Claude Pro is still in limited beta. ChatGPT Pro is publicly available for a fee.

Overall, Claude Pro prioritizes safety, truthfulness, and benefit to the user, while ChatGPT Pro maximizes engagement at the occasional cost of accuracy or appropriateness. The choice depends on the use cases and priorities of the user. Both are remarkable AI achievements with contrasting philosophies.


Claude Pro and ChatGPT Pro represent two leading approaches in advanced conversational AI. While they share the common goal of creating better human-AI interactions, their underlying technology, capabilities, and commercial availability show important distinctions.

As large language models continue rapidly advancing, users must look beyond the flashy demos and consider the principles and tradeoffs embodied in these AI systems. The safest, most beneficial path forward likely involves blending Claude Pro’s steadfast commitment to truthfulness with ChatGPT Pro’s expansive capabilities.


Q: What is Claude Pro?

A: Claude Premium is an AI assistant created by Anthropic using Constitutional AI. It is designed to provide safe, honest, and helpful responses through techniques like self-debiasing and focused training on high-quality educational data.

Q: What is ChatGPT Pro?

A: ChatGPT Premium is the paid professional version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. It uses OpenAI’s most advanced AI system, GPT-3.5, to offer faster response times and improved conversational abilities compared to the free ChatGPT.

Q: Does Claude Pro have better factual knowledge than ChatGPT Pro?

A: Yes, Claude Premium training focused on curated educational datasets is likely to give it an edge at providing accurate, up-to-date factual information compared to ChatGPT Pro broader but less filtered training data.

Q: Can ChatGPT Pro write better fiction or poetry than Claude Pro?

A: Most likely yes. ChatGPT Pro exposure to a wider range of online text during training makes it better at creative writing tasks, though sometimes at the expense of factual correctness. Claude Premium takes a more conservative approach to creative writing.

Q: Is Claude Pro available to the public yet?

A: No, Claude Premium is currently still in a limited beta testing phase available only to select waitlist users. ChatGPT Pro is publicly available now for a $20 monthly subscription fee.

Q: Does Claude Pro avoid biased or toxic language?

A: Yes, steering clear of biases and harmful language is a key goal of Claude Premium and Anthropic’s Constitutional AI approach, whereas ChatGPT Pro has more risk of inheriting unintended biases from its training data.

Q: Can ChatGPT Pro remember conversations better than Claude Premium?

A: Claude Premium is designed to maintain consistent memory and personality over long conversations better than ChatGPT Pro. However, ChatGPT Pro has very impressive conversational abilities as well.

Q: Which is better for research and fact-checking?

A: Claude Premium focus on truthfulness and citing sources makes it preferable for research and fact-checking applications compared to ChatGPT Pro propensity for occasional inaccuracies.

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