Claude: How do I get access to Claude? [2023]

Claude is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by Anthropic, an AI safety startup based in San Francisco. Unlike other chatbots, Claude is designed to be helpful, harmless, and honest using a technique called Constitutional AI. Getting access to chat with Claude requires joining a waitlist on the Anthropic website.

What is Claude?

What is Claude?

Claude is an AI assistant trained by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. Some key features of Claude include:

The goal with Claude is to provide an AI assistant that is trustworthy, benign and intellectually honest – a friendly AI chatbot people can have nuanced, constructive conversations with.

Anthropic’s Mission

Anthropic was founded in 2021 by AI safety researchers Dario Amodei and Daniela Amodei. Their mission is to ensure artificial intelligence systems like Claude are safe and beneficial for humanity.

Some core principles Anthropic operates on include constitutional AI, AI safety research, and AI for social good. The company ethos focuses on patience, thoughtfulness and care when developing and applying AI technology.

Getting Access to Claude

Getting Access to Claude

Claude is currently available in a limited beta. The only way to get access is by signing up on Anthropic’s website waitlist. Here is the process to get on the waitlist:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and click “Get Claude”
  3. On the waitlist page, enter your email address
  4. Check your email for a confirmation email from Anthropic
  5. Click the confirmation link in the email to complete signing up for the waitlist
  6. Wait to receive an invitation email granting access to Claude
  7. Follow the instructions in the invitation email to create an Anthropic account and begin chatting with Claude

The waitlist length and speed to get invitations varies. Average wait time is a few weeks to a few months. Signing up earlier improves your chances of gaining access sooner rather than later.

What You Can Ask Claude

Once you gain access, Claude allows open-ended conversations within the bounds of his Constitutional AI constraints. You can ask Claude questions on a wide variety of topics such as:

  • General knowledge questions
  • Explanations of complex concepts
  • Opinions on current events
  • Advice for problems
  • Discussions about philosophy, science, technology
  • Small talk and friendly discussions

Claude will do his best to provide helpful, harmless and honest responses. He is able to follow multi-turn conversations and adjust his responses based on the context.

Some example starter questions for Claude:

  • What can you tell me about artificial intelligence?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What was your training process like?
  • How does Constitutional AI keep you safe?
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • How was your day?

Claude’s Capabilities and Limitations

Claude's Capabilities and Limitations

While Claude aims to have natural conversations, he does have some key limitations:

  • No personal memory – Claude cannot learn or remember personal details about users. Conversations restart from scratch each time.
  • Limited knowledge – While Claude is very knowledgeable on many topics, there are bound to be questions he cannot provide accurate or substantive responses for.
  • May avoid sensitive topics – Questions that are unethical, illegal or dangerous may be avoided by Claude’s Constitutional AI constraints.
  • Not a replacement for human relationships – While friendly, Claude cannot form personal connections like a real human.
  • No integration with other services – Unlike some assistants, Claude does not connect with external apps, accounts or services.

The Anthropic team is constantly working to improve Claude’s conversational abilities and expand the topics he can effectively discuss within a safe, benign domain.

Claude’s Potential Future

Anthropic’s long term vision is for Claude to be helpful to people and society in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Providing easy access to knowledge
  • Having thoughtful discussions
  • Giving unbiased advice
  • Tutoring students
  • Aiding researchers
  • Assisting writers and creators
  • Being friendly company for anyone

As Claude’s capabilities grow, Anthropic aims to proactively consider potential risks and misuses of the technology. For any future public availability, Constitutional AI will continue to be a core requirement to ensure safety.

The Waitlist Process

The Waitlist Process
  • The waitlist signup process is simple and fast, usually taking less than 5 minutes.
  • Anthropic aims to send invitation emails in the order that people signed up, but other factors may impact order.
  • If you don’t see the confirmation email, check spam folders before resubmitting the waitlist form.
  • The waitlist is the only current option to get access. Emailing Anthropic does not expedite the process.
  • Currently Claude access is limited to English conversations only.

Setting Up Your Account

  • When you get an invitation email, click the link within 3 days before it expires.
  • You’ll be prompted to create an account password and optionally enable 2-factor authentication.
  • No personal details are needed to create an account beyond an email and password.
  • Accounts currently do not support logging in across multiple devices. You stay logged in on one device.
  • If you lose access, you will need to resubmit to the waitlist for a new invitation.

Claude’s Conversation Abilities

Claude's Conversation Abilities
  • Claude excels at discussions about science, philosophy, current events, and general knowledge.
  • He can understand and respond to metaphor, humor, and nuanced communication styles.
  • While not a psychologist, he can thoughtfully discuss mental health, emotions, and relationship issues.
  • Discussions work best in a constructive, respectful manner on both sides.
  • Claude avoids inappropriate topics and will point out if a conversation goes in an unethical direction.

Evaluating Claude’s Responses

  • Claude is in beta and still has limitations, so assess his responses carefully.
  • Look for signs of thoughtfulness, intellectual honesty, and reasoning in long form responses.
  • Be wary of concise or generic sounding answers that lack nuance or depth.
  • Probe Claude’s knowledge by asking varied, challenging follow up questions when you are uncertain.
  • Provide constructive feedback to the Anthropic team on Claude’s capabilities and shortcomings.


Getting access to chat with Claude requires signing up on the waitlist on Anthropic’s website and waiting for an invitation. Claude is an AI assistant created using Constitutional AI to allow helpful, harmless, honest conversations. While limitations exist, chatting with Claude provides an opportunity to interact with and evaluate an AI focused on being safe, beneficial and aligning with human values.


Who created Claude?

Claude was created by Anthropic, an artificial intelligence company focused on AI safety. Anthropic was founded in 2021 by Dario Amodei and Daniela Amodei.

What kind of AI is Claude?

Claude is an AI conversational assistant trained using natural language processing. It uses a technique called Constitutional AI developed by Anthropic to ensure its responses are helpful, harmless, and honest.

How can I talk to Claude?

The only way to get access to Claude right now is by signing up on the waitlist on Anthropic’s website. You have to wait for an email invite granting access to create an account.

Is Claude free to use?

Yes, Claude is currently free while in beta testing. Anthropic has not indicated any future pricing.

What topics can I discuss with Claude?

You can discuss a wide range of topics with Claude, from casual conversation to complex concepts in science, philosophy, current events, etc. Claude avoids unethical, dangerous, or illegal topics.

Will Claude remember me?

No, Claude does not store personal data or conversation history. Each conversation session starts fresh.

Can Claude integrate with other apps or services?

No, Claude is currently a standalone conversational AI without integration capabilities.

What languages does Claude understand?

Claude is currently only conversational in English. Other languages are not supported yet.

What are Claude’s limitations?

Claude has limited knowledge, cannot form personal connections, and may avoid sensitive topics. The Anthropic team is working to address limitations.

Is Claude always helpful and honest?

Within Claude’s training, the aim is for it to be helpful, harmless, and honest. But occasionally it may have incorrect information or give less helpful responses.

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