7 Methods To Fix Claude AI Stuck On Verifying [2024]

7 Methods To Fix Claude AI Stuck On Verifying. Claude AI by Anthropic is an impressive conversational AI assistant that can chat with users on a wide range of topics. However, sometimes Claude may get “stuck” during the initial connection phase, displaying only a “Verifying…” message indefinitely. This prevents users from actually interacting with Claude’s conversational capabilities.

Troubleshooting and resolving this connection issue is key to restoring full functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore 7 major methods to fix Claude AI when it is perpetually stuck “Verifying” your access.

By systematically working through browser refreshes, privacy settings, network configurations, and more, you can isolate why Claude is failing to verify and resolve the root cause. With persistence and dedication to the troubleshooting advice outlined here, Claude will be back up and running productively in no time.

1. Refresh the Page

The simplest method to try when Claude AI gets stuck on the “Verifying…” screen is to refresh the page. This will force the page to reload and reconnect to the Claude servers.

To refresh, simply click the refresh icon in your browser toolbar or press F5 on your keyboard. This should only take a few seconds. If the “Verifying…” message persists for more than 30 seconds, try refreshing again or move on to the next method.

Refreshing clears temporary files and data that may be causing issues connecting to Claude. So it’s always the first troubleshooting step to try.

2. Disable Browser Extensions

Browser extensions like ad blockers, privacy extensions, VPNs, etc. can sometimes interfere with Claude’s ability to verify you properly.

Try temporarily disabling all browser extensions and trying Claude again. This isolates whether an extension is the culprit.

To disable extensions in Chrome:

  1. Click the 3-dot menu in the upper right
  2. Hover over “More Tools”
  3. Select Extensions
  4. Toggle off any extensions that aren’t necessary

Try loading a Claude chat with extensions disabled. If it now works, turn extensions back on one-by-one until you identify the problematic extension. Consider uninstalling extensions that break Claude functionality.

3. Try Claude AI in Incognito/Private Browsing Mode

Incognito or Private Browsing modes load webpages in a fresh, extension-free state. This further isolates extension issues.

To enable Incognito mode:

  • Chrome – Ctrl+Shift+N or Click 3-dot menu > New Incognito Window
  • Firefox – Ctrl+Shift+P or Click Hamburger Menu > New Private Window
  • SafariFile > New Private Window

Load up Claude in an Incognito/Private window and see if you can get past “Verifying…”. If so, it confirms an extension is interfering somehow. Stick to Incognito if disabling extensions doesn’t resolve it.

4. Try Different Browser or Device

At times, a particular browser or device exhibits quirks connecting to certain sites. Trying Claude in an alternate browser or on another device can determine if this is occurring.

Some browsers/devices to test:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Mobile device like phone or tablet

If Claude works fine when switching browsers/devices, make that your standard until browser updates resolve any issues. Narrow it down by testing browsers individually.

You may also need to delete cookies/data related to the faulty browser via settings.

5. Check Site Outage Statuses

Before getting too deep into troubleshooting, check whether Claude is actually having broader outage issues. Monitor the @Anthropic_Arti Twitter account which provides system status updates.

The Status Site also shows if there are any ongoing incidents impacting uptime or service functionality.

If Claude itself is experiencing downtime or degraded performance, you’ll simply need to wait it out rather than troubleshooting your specific machine.

6. Clear Cookies and Cache

Over time, excess cookies, cache and site data can get corrupted and cause website issues.

Clearing this data forces your browser to start fresh when connecting:


  1. Click 3-Dot Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security
  2. Click “Clear Browsing Data”
  3. Select all time period
  4. Check cookies, cache, site data
  5. Click “Clear Data”


  1. Click Hamburger Menu > Settings
  2. Scroll to Privacy & Security > Cookies & Site Data
  3. Click “Clear Data”
  4. Select “Everything”


  1. Click Safari > Clear History and Website Data
  2. Select all time range
  3. Click clear

Try Claude again after clearing browser data to see if this resolved any issues misconfiguring the site.

7. Check Network/VPN Configurations

Something on your local network or internet connectivity could be blocking Claude’s traffic. Similarly, VPN connections can interfere with traffic.

First, try disabling your internet security software or firewalls temporarily to isolate those as culprits.

Also disconnect from VPN services and connect directly to your ISP. Configure your network adapter settings to automatically assign IP and DNS instead of manually assigning them.

Try different network connections like mobile hotspots if available.

Traceroute tools can help diagnose where connection issues originate:

Windows: tracert peace.anthropic.com
Mac/Linux: traceroute peace.anthropic.com

If Claude works fine over alternate networks, something is misconfigured on your standard network or VPN service. You’ll need to engage your IT team to troubleshoot further.


Getting stuck on “Verifying…” when accessing Claude AI can be frustrating. But in most cases it can be resolved through refresh tricks, isolating extensions/browsers/devices, clearing cookies/cache, or reviewing network issues.

Follow the 7 major troubleshooting methods above in order until Claude starts functioning again:

  1. Refresh Page
  2. Disable Browser Extensions
  3. Try Incognito/Private Browsing
  4. Switch Browsers and Devices
  5. Check for Site Outages
  6. Clear Browser Cookies and Cache
  7. Review Network/VPN Configurations

Consistency and patience during the step-by-step process is key. If Claude AI works under some conditions but not others, you’re on the path to narrowing down the culprit.

Hopefully with these techniques you can get Claude AI running smoothly again and resume productive conversations!


Here are some suggested frequently asked questions and answers related to fixing issues with Claude getting stuck on “Verifying”:

What causes Claude AI to get stuck on “Verifying…”?

Some common causes include browser extensions conflicting with site functionality, corrupted browser cache/cookies, software bugs, network connectivity problems, or service outages on Claude’s end.

How long should I wait before troubleshooting the “Verifying” issue?

If Claude is stuck verifying for more than 30 seconds, start working through troubleshooting steps like refreshing, clearing cache, switching browsers etc.

Will disabling my ad blocker fix Claude getting stuck?

Possibly. Browser extensions like ad blockers can sometimes interfere with sites loading properly. Temporarily disabling extensions is one of the first troubleshooting steps you should try.

Does “Verifying” mean my internet is down?

Not necessarily. You can isolate internet issues by trying alternate networks like a mobile hotspot. If Claude works there, something is likely misconfigured with your standard internet/VPN service.

I keep having to refresh to get Claude AI working. What should I do?

Constant refresh requests point to a persistent underlying issue. Make sure to try the other troubleshooting methods as well like clearing browser data, testing different devices etc.