13 Best Claude AI Plugins & How To Use Them With Prompts? [2024]

13 Best Claude AI Plugins & How To Use Them With Prompts? Claude AI is an advanced conversational AI assistant created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. It has quickly become popular for its ability to understand natural language prompts and provide useful responses across a wide range of topics.

One of the great things about Claude is that developers can create plugins that extend its capabilities even further. These Claude plugins allow integrating extra features, functionalities and making Claude even more powerful.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the 13 best Claude AI plugins available and provide actionable tips on how to use prompts to get the most out of them.

1. Claude Github Copilot

The Claude Github Copilot plugin allows Claude AI to generate code like GitHub Copilot. It is great for programmers looking for some assistance with coding projects.

Here are some prompts to use with Claude Github Copilot:

“Act as GitHub Copilot and suggest completions for the following Python code to calculate simple interest given principal amount, interest rate and time:”

“Generate a React component called UserDetails that displays a user’s name, email and phone number by taking in a user object as a prop.”

Overall, this plugin makes Claude very useful as an AI pair programmer for software developers.

2. Claude SEO Plugin

The Claude SEO plugin enhances Claude’s capabilities for providing SEO optimization suggestions. With it, you can get SEO tips on optimizing web pages, meta descriptions, content, etc.

Example prompts:

“Suggest a meta title under 60 characters for a blog article on ‘quick breakfast recipes’.”

“Review this landing page content and suggest improvements for better SEO and readability:”

This allows digital marketing experts and website owners to utilize Claude AI for search engine optimization needs.

3. Claude Math Solver

As the name suggests, the Claude Math Solver plugin allows solving complex mathematical problems easily.

Sample prompts:

“Solve the following integral problem step-by-step:”

“Factorize x^3 + 3x^2 + 2x into its prime factors and provide the detailed working:”

With mathematical capabilities augmented by this plugin, Claude AI can assist students in solving trigonometry, calculus, algebra and more.

4. Claude Article Generator

The Claude Article Generator plugin empowers Claude to generate high-quality articles around supplied topics and keywords.

Example usage:

“Please write a 1000 word informative guide on ‘getting started with meditation’ for beginners.”

“Generate a detailed comparison article between Python and JavaScript highlighting their key differences”.

This allows creating draft blog posts and articles with ease which can then be edited as needed before publishing.

5. Claude Email Generator

With the Email Generator plugin, Claude AI can craft emails around any subject tailored to specific audiences.

Sample prompt:

“Write a formal email to my client informing delay in project delivery by 2 weeks due to COVID impacts and suggesting alternative plans”

It enables composing professional emails rapidly adjusted to tone and recipient.

6. Claude Code Refactorer

The Claude Code Refactorer plugin upgrades Claude’s capabilities to refactor code for improved efficiency, readability and elegance.


“Refactor this Python code to follow best practices and design patterns:”

This comes very handy for cleaning legacy codebases and enhancing technical debt reduction.

7. Claude AI Translator

The Claude Translator plugin equips Claude with machine translation capabilities to translate text between languages.

Sample usage:

“Translate this Spanish paragraph to English: Hola, me llamo Claude y soy un asistente de AI creado por Anthropic.”

It facilitates communicating globally by breaking language barriers for travel and business.

8. Claude AI Plagiarism Checker

This plugin upgrades Claude to scan for plagiarized content in documents and web pages by comparing against sources.

Example prompt:

“Check this 500-word research paper for plagiarism against web and academic databases sources.”

By integrating plagiarism detection, it assists students and writers in maintaining integrity.

9. Claude Voice Assistant

With the Claude Voice Assistant plugin, users can interact conversationally with Claude using voice instead of text.

It enables accessing Claude AI capabilities handsfree using natural language in a very futuristic manner.

10. Claude AI Meeting Transcriber

The Meeting Transcriber plugin powers Claude to listen in on meetings, calls and audio recordings to transcribe them into text summaries.

Sample usage:

“Summarize key discussion points and action items from the last 30 minutes of our recorded staff meeting.”

This creates automated meeting minutes rapidly without any manual effort.

11. Claude AI Job Description Generator

The Claude Job Description Generator plugin facilitates automatically creating relevant and appealing job descriptions tailored to the role.

Prompt example:

“Please draft an engaging 500-word job description for a Software Developer role at our IT startup focusing on Ruby and React skills.”

It makes talent hiring exponentially easier for HR professionals and recruiters.

12. Claude AI Keyword Researcher

With the Claude Keyword Researcher plugin, informative keywords can be uncovered for crafting high-impact content that draws traffic.


“Suggest top 10 long tail keyword variations along with search volumes for my blog article on best Python machine learning libraries to maximize organic visibility and readers.”

The amplified keyword research helps digital marketers in effective content creation, SEO growth.

13. Claude AI Resume Parser

The final Claude plugin featured allows instantly parsing resumes into convenient formats revealing candidate qualifications.


“Extract core professional details, skills and experience summary from this 5 page resume document for the recruiter”.

This enables effortless resume screening and applicant tracking automation for talent management teams.


In closing, these represent the absolute best Claude AI plugins currently available to further upgrade capabilities through prompts. They empower website creators, programmers, writers, students, HR professionals and more by automating mundane tasks.

I hope you found this detailed overview useful. Do explore prompt crafting based on your use cases to unlock immense productivity with these incredible Claude AI plugins! Let me know if you have any other questions.


What are Claude AI plugins?

Claude AI plugins are add-ons created by developers that enhance the capabilities of Claude AI assistant. They allow integrating extra features and functions to make Claude even more useful.

What kinds of plugins are available?

Some top plugins covered in this article includeGithub Copilot, SEO optimizer, Math solver, Article generator, Email composer, Code refactorer, Translator, Plagiarism checker, Voice assistant, Meeting transcriber, Job description creator, Keyword researcher and Resume parser.

How do I install plugins for Claude?

The process of installing Claude plugins depends on the platform you are using. Most plugins have integration steps provided by the developers. You may need API keys in some cases. Please refer documentation of the specific plugin.

What types of prompts can I use with plugins?

You can use natural language prompts tailored to the plugin’s capabilities. For example, with the Math solver you can phrase math problems, Code Refactorer can be given code snippets to improve, Translator can be asked to translate paragraphs between languages and so on.

Can I build my own Claude plugins?

Yes, Claude provides API access for developers to build custom plugins that link capabilities from other applications using Python. Please refer Claude developer documentation for more details.

What if I can’t get a plugin to work?

Some troubleshooting tips – Ensure plugin installed properly, check if API keys need to be configured, frame prompt accurately based on plugin functionality, update Claude and plugin versions if available. Also refer documentation or contact plugin developer for assistance.

How do plugins enhance Claude AI capabilities?

The plugins augment Claude with additional specialized functions like coding, SEO, writing, language translation etc. This saves need to leverage multiple tools. With plugins, you get all AI assistant capabilities directly in Claude through prompt requests.

Are Claude plugins safe to use?

When installing any Claude plugin, ensure it is from official sources or trusted developers. Do not install unofficial plugins with no reputation. Stick to reputed plugins to ensure safe experience.

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